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Ideal For: Those that need device monitoring and behind-the-scenes troubleshooting.

Includes a free 14-day trial of GoTo Resolve Standard.

The basics to get started:
  • Up to 3 agents
  • Up to 5 Pro devices
  • Unlimited Lite devices
  • Device Monitoring
  • Device Quick View
  • Unattended Remote Access


Ideal For: Growing teams that need versatile remote access, monitoring and automation.

Starting at...
/per month, billed annually
Save up to 20%
  • 1 agent included (+ unlimited agent add-ons)
  • 25 Pro devices included (+ unlimited device add-ons)
Plus, everything in Free:
  • Unlimited Instant Remote Support
  • AV Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Remote Execution
Available Add-ons:
  • Additional Agents
  • Additional Pro Devices
  • Mobile Device Support Add-on
  • Camera Share Add-on
  • Endpoint Protection Add-on
  • Mobile Device Management Add-on


Ideal For: Established teams wanting to deploy true RMM and proactive IT management and support.


  • 3 agents included (+ unlimited agent add-ons)
  • 100 Pro devices included (+ unlimited device add-ons)
Plus, everything in Standard:
  • Windows Updates
  • Application Updates
  • Automation Scheduling
  • Dedicated Onboarding Manager*
Available Add-ons:
  • Additional Agents
  • Additional Pro Devices
  • Mobile Device Support Add-on
  • Camera Share Add-on
  • Endpoint Protection Add-on
  • Mobile Device Management Add-on

Remote Support

Ideal For: Teams with a focus on ad-hoc remote sessions and ticketing.

Starting at...
/per month, billed annually
Save up to 20%
  • 1 agent included (unlimited agent add-ons)
  • Unlimited Instant Remote Support
  • Reboot & Reconnect
  • Admin Mode
  • Multi-Agent Collaboration
  • Helpdesk
Available Add-ons:
  • Additional Agents
  • Mobile Device Support Add-on
  • Camera Share Add-on
  • Mobile Device Management Add-on
  • GoTo Resolve for MSPs

    Scale your business. Securely support your customers. GoTo Resolve's all-in-one remote IT management software is built for managed service providers as an affordable solution for best-ever client support.
    Learn More >
Free Standard Premium Remote Support
Plan Support
Agents Included 3 1 3 1
Pro Devices (Remote Access & Management) Included
Deployed hosts which have full access to remote access, remote monitoring and management, and automation capabilities. Click to expand
5 25 100 n/a
Remote Monitoring & Management
Device Quick View
Terminal Access
Background File Manager
Remote Execution Pro Devices Only
Antivirus Management Pro Devices Only
Windows Updates Pro Devices Only
Application Updates Pro Devices Only
Automation Scheduling
GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection software add-on add-on
Remote Session
Unattended Remote Access Pro Devices Only
Unlimited Instant (clientless) Remote Support
Reboot and Reconnect
Multi-Session Handling
File Transfer
Admin Mode
Session Recording Always On
Screen Blanking
Agent Screenshare
Session Transfer
Multi-Agent Collaboration
Mobile Support add-on add-on add-on
Camera Share Support add-on add-on add-on
Asset Management
Import hardware assets
Add up to 10,000 devices
Unlimited custom categories, fields and labels
Reminders & attachments
Integrated user management
Sort, filter, search & export 
Incident Management
End User Portal
MS Teams Integration
Email Ticket Submission
Agent Web Helpdesk Console
Integrated Remote Support
Account Administration
Mass Deploy Devices
Unified GoTo Product Admin Center
Multi-Factor Authentication
Active Directory Connector
Multi-Company Support
Website PIN Entry page integration GoTo Branding removed GoTo Branding removed Includes GoTo Branding
Customer Support
Support Center
Community Support
Live Email/Chat/Phone Customer Support
Mobile Add-On
iOS Remote View
Android Remote Control
Android Unattended Remote Access
Chromebook Remote View
Camera Share Add-On
Zero Download for End User
VoIP Audio
Mobile Device Management Add-On
Device Configuration and Restrictions
Application and Content Management
Device and Data Security
Real-time Analytics, Dashboards & Reports
Automated Device Enrollment and Business Policies

Frequently asked questions

GoTo Resolve offers four plans: Free, Standard, Premium, and Remote Support – each with different features and pricing based on your business’ needs such as the number of agents and number of devices being supported. Our most popular option is GoTo Resolve Standard, which includes unlimited remote sessions and ticketing, 1 agent and 25 devices along with our innovative Remote Execution feature. If you have a higher volume of agents and devices, you can choose to add on or contact our sales team for additional plan options.
When you purchase a monthly or annual GoTo Resolve plan, you get:
  • Full features and functionality aligned to the tier purchases for a flat fee with no hidden costs for server maintenance, IT staff or other “extra” charges
  • 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week support from our U.S.-based GoTo Resolve Global Customer Support team
  • Free upgrades
  • Access to training videos, help guides and best practices

Pro devices have remote access, management, and automation capabilities, and are limited to the number of paid licensed devices in your plan. Lite devices have only monitoring, command prompt, and file manager access functionalities – and are unlimited in number and free to use.

With Lite devices, you can configure device health monitoring polices, such as CPU and software installs; access real-time device diagnostics including memory, network, and processes; transfer files between devices; and run device command prompts.

Pro devices include all Lite functionality, plus the ability to remotely control the device without a user present; monitor and deploy system and application updates; manage endpoint protection software; and use full one-to-one and one-to-many automation. Your range of Pro functionality varies based which tier you’ve purchased.

You can swap devices between Pro and Lite up to three times per month once you’ve maxed out your Pro device limit.

Learn more about Pro devices here.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of GoTo Resolve and you will be able to use GoTo Resolve Standard tier, its mobile device support, and camera share support capabilities during the trial. We will notify you before your trial expires and you can decide to subscribe to a paid plan or let your trial expire into our Free plan.
Yes! Contact us to learn how GoTo Resolve is designed to make IT support easy no matter the company size. Learn about our different pricing options.  
Contact our in-house Global Customer Support.
Yes, you can make changes to your plan online at any time. Log in to your account at, then click the Upgrade or Add Licenses buttons. You can also contact Global Customer Support to make any adjustments to your account.
We are required to collect any tax required by local laws, such as VAT (Value Added Tax) for all European Union countries and from all customers with UK billing addresses. Many U.S. states require sales tax as well.

*Dedicated Onboarding Manager support is available on contracts of $5,000 USD and above.